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Works for Mixed Choir (Score hardback) (Choir)

Niels Gade

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Gade Works for Mixed Choir (Score hardback)

Works for Mixed Choir
Niels W. Gade. Werks Volume IV/9

Niels Wilhelm Gade (1817–1890) Works

Edited by the Foundation for the Publication of the Works of Niels W. Gade, Copenhagen

Niels W. Gade is one of the leading Danish composers of the nineteenth century.  However only about half of his prolific œuvre has appeared in print.  Given this fact and the growing current interest in Gade, there is an urgent need for a scholarly-critical Urtext edition of his music to meet the demands of both scholars and performers.

This edition will contain all of Gade's completed compositions and separate movements as well as the arrangements he made of his own works and those of other composers.  In general, the main text presents the “definitive” version based on Gade's personal copy of the printed work.  However, all the remaining sources have also been consulted for purposes of comparison.  Every editorial decision is mentioned and justified in the critical report (English).

Gade's interest in choral music spanned his entire career. This volume presents more than 40 of his shorter works for mixed chorus, both without and with accompaniment (piano, organ, harmonium or, in one case, brass ensemble). They occupy a no less prominent place in his oeuvre than his large-scale choral works with orchestra. Written between 1839 and 1885, they were intended for many different areas of application: songs for school chorus stand alongside liturgical music, pièces d'occasion, chorales and freely composed works for amateur choirs. The best-known are his Five Songs (op. 13) on poems by Emmanuel Geibel and Ludwig Tieck and the motet O du, der du die Liebe bist, both composed in Leipzig in 1846.

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Genre(s): Classical

  • Mixed Voices
  1. Gebeth (Prayer) [Gade, Niels Wilhelm]
  2. Aftensang (Evening Song) [Gade, Niels Wilhelm]
  3. Børnepsalme (Children's Hymn) [Gade, Niels Wilhelm]
  4. Aftenbøn (Evening Prayer) [Gade, Niels Wilhelm]
  5. Morgenbøn (Morning Prayer) [Gade, Niels Wilhelm]
  6. Five Songs op. 13 [Gade, Niels Wilhelm]
  7. No. 1: Ritter Frühling (Sir Spring) [Gade, Niels Wilhelm]
  8. No. 2: Die Wasserrose (The Water Lily) [Gade, Niels Wilhelm]
  9. No. 3: Morgenwanderung (Morning Stroll) [Gade, Niels Wilhelm]
  10. No. 4: Im Herbste (In the Autumn) [Gade, Niels Wilhelm]
  11. No. 5: Im Wald (In the Woods) [Gade, Niels Wilhelm]
  12. O du, der du die Liebe bist (O thou who thyself art love) [Gade, Niels Wilhelm]
  13. Du Kjærlighedens Ophav, Gud (God, thou source of love) [Gade, Niels Wilhelm]
  14. Kyrie eleison [Gade, Niels Wilhelm]
  15. Farvel! (Farewell!) [Gade, Niels Wilhelm]
  16. Farvel ved Carl Andersens Baare (Farewell at Carl Andersen's Bier) [Gade, Niels Wilhelm]
  17. Ved Lutherfesten (At the Celebration for Martin Luther) [Gade, Niels Wilhelm]
  18. Bryllupssang (Wedding Song) [Gade, Niels Wilhelm]
  19. Ære være Gud i det Høie (Glory be to God on high) [Gade, Niels Wilhelm]
  20. Som Markens Blomst henvisner fage (As the flower in the field quickly withers away) [Gade, Niels Wilhelm]
  21. No. 1 "Som Markens Blomst henvisner fage" [Gade, Niels Wilhelm]
  22. No. 2 "Saa hviil da i dit Sovekammer" [Gade, Niels Wilhelm]
  23. Works for mixed choir with accompaniment [Gade, Niels Wilhelm]
  24. Bryllupssange (Wedding Songs) (1864) [Gade, Niels Wilhelm]
  25. No. 1 "I Sangen lyde Hjerteslag!" [Gade, Niels Wilhelm]
  26. No. 2 "Gud, som har Kjærligheden lagt!" [Gade, Niels Wilhelm]
  27. Michael Rosing Wiehe [Gade, Niels Wilhelm]
  28. Ved Conferentzraad Thomsens Begravelse (At the Funeral of Privy Councillor Thomsen) [Gade, Niels Wilhelm]
  29. No. 1 Andante lugubre [Gade, Niels Wilhelm]
  30. No. 2 "Hans Huus beskikket var" [Gade, Niels Wilhelm]
  31. No. 3 "Saa vil vi hans Kiste sænke" [Gade, Niels Wilhelm]
  32. Ved Danmarksstøtten (At the National Monument) [Gade, Niels Wilhelm]
  33. Vinterdage (Winter Days) [Gade, Niels Wilhelm]
  34. Bryllupssange (Wedding Songs) (1885) [Gade, Niels Wilhelm]
  35. No. 1 "Benedictus, qui venit in nomine Domini" [Gade, Niels Wilhelm]
  36. No. 2 "Amen" [Gade, Niels Wilhelm]
  37. Chorales [Gade, Niels Wilhelm]
  38. Den, som mig føder, det er Gud, min Herre (He who provdes for me is God, my Lord) [Gade, Niels Wilhelm]
  39. Op, thi Dagen nu frembryder (Wake! the welcome day appeareth) [Gade, Niels Wilhelm]
  40. Hør vor Helligaftens Bøn (Hear our prayer this holy evening) [Gade, Niels Wilhelm]
  41. Kom, o Helligaand, kom brat (Come, O Holy Spirit, come now) [Gade, Niels Wilhelm]
  42. Udrust dig, Helt fra Golgatha (Arm thyself, hero from Golgotha) [Gade, Niels Wilhelm]
  43. Amen raabe hver en Tunge (Amen cries every tongue) [Gade, Niels Wilhelm]
  44. Det hellige Kors, vor Herre han bar (The holy cross, our Saviour bore) [Gade, Niels Wilhelm]
  45. Gaar det, Herre, som jeg vil (If things go, Lord, as I wish) [Gade, Niels Wilhelm]
  46. Chorale settings of existing melodies [Gade, Niels Wilhelm]
  47. Lover den Herre (Praise to the Lord) [Gade, Niels Wilhelm]
  48. Jesu, din søde Forening at smage (Jesus, to taste sweet reunion with thee) [Gade, Niels Wilhelm]
  49. Af Høiheden oprunden er (How brightly shines the morning star) [Gade, Niels Wilhelm]
  50. Deilig er Jorden (Fair is Creation) [Gade, Niels Wilhelm]
  51. Hymnus [Gade, Niels Wilhelm]
  52. Lied im Freien (Song in the Open Air) [Gade, Niels Wilhelm]
  53. Litanie (Litany) [Gade, Niels Wilhelm]
  54. Den, som mig føder, det er Gud, min Herre (He who provides for me is God, my Lord) early version [Gade, Niels Wilhelm]
  55. Op, thi Dagen nu frembryder (Wake! the welcome day appeareth) early version [Gade, Niels Wilhelm]
  56. O gode Gud, jeg takker dig (O my good Lord, I thank thee) [Gade, Niels Wilhelm]