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The Singing School Handbook (Voice)

Michelle James

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Fun, free-for-all and accessible-for-all, singing is the secret to transforming and improving every aspect of school life. The Singing School Handbook is a how-to guide to help teachers (with or without musical knowledge) or singing leaders harness the power of singing and turn their school into a Singing School. This practical handbook includes planning tools, case studies and troubleshooting alongside warm ups, games and song ideas. It also offers guidance on how to start a choir, vocal leadership techniques, SEND advice and vocal health information.

Singing improves learning, confidence, health and social development – it has the power to change lives and help build stronger communities. Becoming a Singing School motivates the whole school community to work together towards a common goal while taking part in an activity that everyone can do and enjoy – singing.

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This is a brilliant handbook for everyone: student teachers, newly qualified teachers and experienced teachers. The chapters are all clearly written with a huge amount of practical suggestions to implementing singing in a meaningful way that really does have an impact on the ethos of your school. It is also great for vocal leaders. With advice on supporting SEND pupils and also top tips for vocal health, I will certainly be referring to my book on a regular basis. Another great thing is the format- which is designed to be a working document, almost a notebook and record of your journey to embedding singing. It also gives invaluable links to the Sing Up website so material can be instantly accessed to support the material in the book. This book truly is a must for every educator who wants to bring singing, positivity and well-being into the everyday life of their school.

Mrs A R Hardy