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The Intermediate Pianist Book 1 (Piano Solo)

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***Winner of Best Print Resource 2018 at the Music Teacher Awards for Excellence***

The Intermediate Pianist books by Heather Hammond and Karen Marshall have been specifically written to help students progress through the tricky intermediate stages of learning the piano. Through carefully chosen repertoire, quick studies, key technical information and musicianship activities, students will develop the skills that they require. Note-reading will be improved, technique developed and a greater understanding of style and music theory will be gained.

The Intermediate Pianist Book 1 is suitable for Grade 3 level pianists and forms part of the Piano Trainer series.

Publisher: Faber Music

ISBN: 0571540015

Item Code: 0571540015

Access Code: FABER

EAN: 9780571540013

Price: £8.99
Availability:537 in stock

Genre(s): Educational

Product Language: English

Territories: Item available Worldwide

Difficulty Level: Intermediate

Grade(s): Grade 3

Series: PianoTrainer Series

  • Piano
  1. Getting started: Ode to Styles (Beethoven)
  2. 1 Learning to swing
  3. Quick learn: Black Cat Swing
  4. Know your major scales and bass-clef note revision
  5. Recital piece: The Bear (Rebikov)
  6. 2 Using the pedal
  7. Technique: Kleine Studie (Schumann)
  8. Repertoire: Für Elise (Beethoven)
  9. 3 Let’s tango
  10. Quick learn: Tango Time
  11. Recital piece: Por una Cabeza (Gardel)
  12. Key signatures and minor scales
  13. Recital piece: Sorrow (Bartók)
  14. 4 Exploring march style
  15. Quick learn: March of the Marionettes
  16. Repertoire: Soldiers’ March (Schumann)
  17. The circle of fifths and treble-clef sight-reading
  18. 5 All about minuet
  19. Repertoire: Minuet in G (attrib. Petzold)
  20. 6 Learning about lullabies
  21. Quick learn: Lullaby
  22. Repertoire: Hine e Hine (Trad. Maori)
  23. How to give words a rhythm
  24. 7 Playing jigs
  25. Repertoire: Gigue à l’Angloise (Telemann)
  26. Finger warm-ups
  27. Recital piece: Wow!
  28. 8 Let’s boogie
  29. Quick learn: Eager Beaver Boogie
  30. Repertoire: Bubblegum Boogie
  31. Recital piece: Arabesque (Burgmüller)
  32. 9 Getting to know the blues
  33. Repertoire: Flying Scotsman Blues
  34. 10 Concert pieces
  35. Quick learn: Menuetto (Hässler)
  36. Recital piece: The Toy (Anon.)
  37. Recital piece: Menuetto (Scarlatti)
  38. Quick learn: Song without Words (Spindler)
  39. Recital piece: Rainbow Reflections
  40. Recital piece: Sam’s Jam

"Beyond its attractive presentation and great selection of pieces, The Intermediate Pianist is a fresh and ground-breaking approach which is full of brilliant musical ideas. It is sure to enable pianists to play with greater understanding and engagement, and comes very highly recommended.”
Andrew Eales, pianodao.com, July 2017

“It's fantastic! Seems like a piano teachers’ dream!”
Lizzie Moore, London College of Music Exams, July 2017

“In The Intermediate Pianist, Karen Marshall and Heather Hammond have produced a rare gem of a piano tutor series.  What is so special about these books is the way students are encouraged to be creative learners, as well as accomplished performers. This is no prescriptive series of exercises. From the outset, the authors enable exploration: styles and techniques are combined in helping the intermediate pianist develop a rich tapestry of experience.  Not only is there something for everyone here, the diversity of the musical repertoire found in these books has at its core a real consideration of how music works - in addition to how it can be performed.  
Marshall and Hammond show the common and unusual elements of different musical styles. In doing so, they are setting pianists up to be flexible, adaptable musicians who can go beyond performing examples of music into a deeper and more knowledgeable understanding of what they are playing. Not only will this approach bring a great joy of discovery, it will help students on their journey to master new challenges.  Being distinctive is an important element in successful music making today. Marshall and Hammond provide the core techniques to help, and make it huge fun in the process.”
Professor Ambrose Field, PGCE, Head of Department, Music, University of York, July 2017