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Technique Flies High! (Instrumental Solo)

Mary Cohen

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Accompaniment: Unaccompanied

Technique Flies High! is an exciting book of new performance studies for the intermediate to advanced violinist. Using baroque, romantic, contemporary and folk styles, these solo studies are also ideal as unaccompanied concert repertoire.

Practice and performance tips guide the student and outline the technical and musical goals. Techniques covered include: advanced position changing, fast passage work and string crossings, natural and artificial harmonics, slow bowing and playing many notes in one bow, working in unusual or changing time signatures, free improvisation within strict boundaries, double stopping, and rapid changes between arco and pizzicato.

Publisher: Faber Music

ISBN: 0571518273

Item Code: 0571518273

EAN: 9780571518272

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Genre(s): Educational

Product Language: English

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Series: Technique Takes Off

  • Violin
  1. Be Constant
  2. Be Still
  3. Beneath The Stars
  4. Change/Continuum 1
  5. Change/Continuum 2
  6. Conflict/Resolution
  7. Equality/Exchange
  8. Ground With Divisions
  9. Making Waves
  10. Moths By Moonlight
  11. Slow Boat To China
  12. Take To The Hills
  13. Wild Fire

Mary Cohen's latest contribution to the violin-teaching repertoire Technique Takes Flight! is an invaluable collection of 14 studies for both students (and teachers). I can't recommend it too highly. Unlike the classical books of studies ……each study has a title which helps suggest the style required as well as focusing on particular techniques.

Music Teacher August 1999