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Symphony No.78 in C minor (Hob.I:78) (Full Score) (Orchestra)

Joseph Haydn

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Haydn Symphony No.78 in C minor (Hob.I:78) (Full Score)

Along with Symphonies Nos.76 and 77 Haydn composed Symphony No.78 for a journey to England that never took place.  Nonetheless, H. C. Robbins Landon referred to these works as the “English Symphonies” as they are stylistically closely linked to “the London Bach”, Johann Christian Bach.  In a letter Haydn wrote to his Paris publisher Charles-Georges Boyer in 1783, he described the works as “Leicht und nicht vil Concertirend”, meaning they were light in spirit and did not contain extensive solo passages but rather a clear sense of classical form.

Continuing the cooperation between Bärenreiter and the G. Henle publishing company regarding Haydn’s large-scale choral works, operas, and symphonies, this edition is based on the G. Henle Complete Edition of the “Works of Joseph Haydn”.  To date, Bärenreiter has published the complete performance material for several of Haydn’s “Sturm und Drang” symphonies as well as the complete London and Paris symphonies.

- Based on the Henle Complete Edition of the Works of Joseph Haydn

- Full score & parts (BA10985) available for sale

Publisher: Baerenreiter Germany

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