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Shooting at the Moon (Lyrics)

Kevin Ayers

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Shooting at the Moon celebrates the music and lyrics of Kevin Ayers, one of the great bohemian voices of British music. Kevin Ayers was an English singer-songwriter who was a major influential force in the English psychedelic movement and a founding member of the band Soft Machine in the 60s. With introductions by Galen Ayers, Josh Payne and Robert Wyatt, this book includes all the lyrics from Ayers’ solo career and documents a period of the UK music scene between Psychedelia and Glam Rock. Immerse yourself in the world of this influential cult singer-songwriter, with pages from his own notebooks, exclusive photographs, Ayers’ own collages and the occasional recipe. 

Publisher: Faber Music

ISBN: 0571541291

Item Code: 0571541291

EAN: 9780571541294

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Genre(s): Rock

Product Language: English

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  1. Introduction by Galen Ayers
  2. Foreword by John Payne
  3. A Note on Kevin Ayers by Robert Wyatt
  4. Joy of a Toy
  5. Shooting at the Moon
  6. Whatevershebringswesing
  7. Bananamour
  8. The Confessions of Dr. Dream and other Stories
  9. Sweet Deceiver
  10. Yes We Have No Mañanas (So Get Your Mañanas Today)
  11. Takeaway
  12. That’s What You Get Babe
  13. Diamond Jack and The Queen of Pain
  14. Dejà… Vu
  15. As Close As You Think
  16. Falling Up
  17. Still Life with Guitar
  18. The Unfairground
  19. Index of First Lines
  20. Index of Songs
  21. Credits
  22. Acknowledgements