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Shaping Sound Signal Proc Dvd

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Shaping Your Sound with Signal Processors teaches you to understand compressors and gates and how to use them to shape the dynamics of any instrument by emphasizing or diminishing the attack, sustain, or release of each note. You'll learn how to create custom flanging, delay, phasing, echo, and chorusing effects along with when to use (or not use) them in your recordings. This DVD will also show you how to use your EQ to open up the sound of your recordings and make room for each instrumental texture while discovering various types of EQ curves and devices with the techniques that professional engineers use to shape the space where the sound happens.

Publisher: Alfred USA

ISBN: 159200640X

Item Code: 159200640X

Access Code: 54/159200640X

EAN: 9781592006403

Price: £33.95
Availability:No longer available
No longer available

Product Language: English

Territories: Item available Worldwide, excl. Germany

Included Media: 1DVD