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Saxophone Basics Pupil's book (with CD) (Instrumental Solo)

Andy Hampton

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Saxophone Basics Series is a landmark method for beginner saxophone players by one of the leading figures in saxophone education, Andy Hampton. Comprising pupil’s tutor book, teacher’s book with accompaniment parts and an array of online resources. 

Saxophone Basics Pupil's book (with CD) offers a fresh design, clear technical drawings, fun illustrations, new activities, pull-out fingering chart and of course all of the great tunes featured in the original Saxophone Basics. Starting at absolute beginner level and progressing to Grade 2, it contains:

  • a wide range of repertoire, including original pieces and well-loved favourites from every genre
  • warm ups and fun original exercises
  •  invaluable fact files, quizzes and technical advice covering notation, general musicianship and care of the instrument
  • helpful fingering diagrams and rhythm boxes
  • duets throughout – ideal for group teaching
  • pull-out fingering chart to pin on your wall
  • CD containing piano and saxophone accompaniments to play along with.

There is a separate Teacher's book available for both Alto Saxophone and Tenor Saxophone, which offer tips on how to approach new techniques and motivate young players. These would be particularly helpful for teachers who are not saxophone specialists. 


Publisher: Faber Music

ISBN: 0571522831

Item Code: 0571522831

EAN: 9780571522835

Price: £9.99
Availability:18 in stock

Genre(s): Educational

Territories: Item available Worldwide

Difficulty Level: Beginner

Grade(s): Pre-Grade 1, Grade 1, Grade 2

Included Media: 1CD

Series: Basics Series

  • Saxophone
  1. Stage 1: Down To Earth
  2. Up And Away
  3. Life’s Little Ups And Downs
  4. Bitter Sweet
  5. At The End Of The Night
  6. Feel The Heat. Stage 2: Come Join The Band
  7. And So It Goes
  8. Cor Blimey. Stage 3: Merrily We Blow Along
  9. Caribbean Calypso
  10. Stop FEEF!
  11. Brazilian Girl. Stage 4: Sorted! The F# Files
  12. Set’ Em Up
  13. This Land Is My Land
  14. Cool Ghoul. Stage 5: As I Walked Out
  15. Sad Jazz Waltz
  16. When The Saints
  17. Rock That Sax!
  18. About Face
  19. Song Of The Volga Boatman. Stage 6: Razor Sharp
  20. That Sinking Feeling
  21. Deep ‘D’ Duet
  22. Call Of The Wild
  23. Carnival Of Venice
  24. Swanee River. Stage 7: Woogie Boogie
  25. A Whole Lot Of Soul
  26. Dotty Mazurka
  27. Nobody Knows The Trouble I’ve Seen. Stage 8: Lazy Days
  28. Knock, Knock
  29. It’s A Cinch
  30. Prokofieff: Lieutenant Kije
  31. No Better Blues
  32. Hatikvah
  33. Sweet Betsy From Pike. Stage 9: Be Happy, Be Natural, Be Flat
  34. Cool 4 Cats
  35. Cat’s Tail Swing. Stage 10: Two Down, One On The Side
  36. The Ashgrove
  37. Frankie And Johnny. Stage 11: Dee For Two
  38. La Follia
  39. Green Onions
  40. Just Left Of Right.
  41. Concert Pieces
  42. Vivace
  43. Walk The Cat
  44. Lay Me Down
  45. Blue Call.
  46. Warm-Up Bossa
  47. Greensleeves
  48. One Mint Julep. Stage 13: Wave Them Goodbye
  49. Duetteud
  50. Creepin’ Around. Stage 14: C U Down There
  51. Go With The Flow
  52. You And Me. Stage 15: Which Way Now?
  53. That Swing Things. Stage 16: God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen
  54. Tell Me About It
  55. Here Comes The Blues. Stage 17: I’m Late For School!
  56. Wintertime Blues. Stage 18: Take Your Partners Please
  57. Scarborough Fair. Stage 19: Goodall: Theme From Red Dwarf
  58. Harris: Miami Beach
  59. Franck: Allegretto
  60. Another Wet Wednesday. Stage 20: Lisk: Theme From Men Behaving Badly
  61. Beethoven: 7th Symphony – 2nd Movt
  62. Alone Again
  • At The End Of The Night Sample Music

  • Warm-Up Bossa Sample Music

  • Theme From Red Dwarf Sample Music

I love this book; it’s brimming with repertoire that will really appeal to young saxophonists. Definitely the best book currently on the market.

John Harle