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Music Theory: the essential guide (All Instruments)

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Music Theory: the essential guide offers musicians of all ages and levels a practical and relevant guide to music theory today. Written and structured to make content as easily digestible as possible, this indispensable guide: 

  • introduces key musical concepts such as pitch, tempo, rhythm, harmony, scales, instruments, musical forms and structure
  • outlines the conventions governing music notation, demonstrating their relevance to the musical language of the twenty-first century
  • provides interesting facts and real music examples to contextualise music theory
  • offers practical tips on how to identify intervals, make up melodies and rhythms, set words to music and much more
  • supports all aspects of the ABRSM Theory examinations (grades 1 to 5)
  • includes an introduction and ‘theory in practice’ notes by renowned educationalist Paul Harris
  • contains quick-reference tools including an appendix, list of further repertoire examples, table of instruments, periods of music history, table of scales and modes and summary keys and time signatures.

Music Theory: the essential guide is a joint publication, published by Faber Music and Edition Peters.

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