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Me and My Piano Complete Edition (Piano Solo)

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Me and My Piano is the best-selling series by the distinguished authors Fanny Waterman and Marion Harewood, that has sold over 2 million copies worldwide. Designed especially for the needs of the younger beginner and delightfully illustrated throughout, the series makes learning the piano an enjoyable experience for both pupil and teacher.

This Complete Edition combines Parts 1 and 2 in one book. Part 1 takes the young pianist step by step through the earliest stages of piano technique, leading to very easy pieces for hands together using a constant five-finger hand position in C major. Part 2 builds on these foundations by extending the compass of notes, introducing new rhythms, note values, chords and changes of hand position. Games and puzzles throughout give elementary theory a new lease of life, and children will love the rhymes, songs and Monkey Puzzles pages.

Publisher: Faber Music

ISBN: 057154150X

Item Code: 057154150X

EAN: 9780571541508

Price: £10.99
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Genre(s): Educational

Product Language: English

Territories: Item available Worldwide

Difficulty Level: Beginner

Grade(s): Pre-Grade 1

Series: Me And My Piano

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