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Mass in B-flat major (Theresa Mass) (Hob.XXII:12) (Full Score, paperback) (Choir)

Joseph Haydn

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Haydn Mass in B-flat major (Theresa Mass) (Hob.XXII:12)  (Full Score, paperback)

How practical!  Towering masterpieces of choral music history are now appearing in handy and affordable scores to complement the substantial hardback complete edition volumes.

Between 1796 and 1802 Haydn composed 6 great Masses to celebrate the name day of Princess Maria Hermenegild, the wife of his patron Prince Nikolaus Esterhazy II.

The Theresa Mass was the fourth of these composed in 1799 and although the title page of the score simply has the word "Missa" the nickname Theresienmesse remains a matter for speculation, but is usually attributed to the work’s supposed association with Marie Therese, the wife of the Emperor Franz II.

- The tried-and tested content of the complete edition volume now in an affordable paperback score

- Foreword in German and English

- Urtext from the Joseph Haydn Complete Edition

- Parts (BA4661), vocal score (BA4661-90) and study score format 22.5 x 16.5cm (TP99) available for sale

Publisher: Baerenreiter Germany

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