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Lullaby (Mixed Voices)

Paul Smith

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Accompaniment: Accompanied

A lullaby for choir and children’s choir (or sopranos) setting an ancient nursery rhyme that explores the idea of the journey through life.

A New World is a musical story across five movements with texts by authors from Cicero and Ovid to George William Russel; from nursery rhymes to war poets.
The music and texts link to form a narrative that questions what sort of ‘New Worlds’ have come into existence, or could be created in our future, and considers how we balance human traits of fear, displacement, isolation and conflict with equally human traits of love, hope, forgiveness and unity.

The internationally-renowned British vocal ensemble VOCES8 is proud to inspire people through music and share the joy of singing. The celebration of diverse musical expression is central to the ensemble’s ethos, and this is shown in their versatile concert programmes and innovative educational work. The ‘VOCES8 singles’ series includes songs for which the group is particularly well known and which have been composed or arranged specifically for VOCES8.

Publisher: Edition Peters

ISBN: M577015460

Item Code: EP73185

EAN: 9790577015460

Price: £2.50
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Genre(s): Choral

Product Language: English

Territories: EP Item available in World (excl Australia & NZ)

Series: VOCES8 Singles Series

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