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Les Animaux malades du violon Vol.2 (Instrumental Solo)

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Thanks to Thibault, Tristan, Charlotte, Inès, Pauline or Romain, these charming and funny animals will help you for violin training and technic progression. Each piece includes a specific technic training. 20 short and nice pieces in 2 volumes which could be used with the violin method and those will be perfect for recital of pupils.

Publisher: Combre

Item Code: HXC06823

EAN: 9790230368230

Price: £18.99
Availability:4 in stock

Genre(s): Educational

Product Language: French

Territories: Lemoine Item available in UK & Ireland Only

  • Violin
  1. Ines, l'ânesse
  2. Maëlys, l'écrevisse
  3. Camille, la chenille
  4. Marjorie, la souris
  5. Pauline, la sardine
  6. Prune, le poisson lune
  7. Sébastien, le poussin
  8. Romain, l'oursin
  9. Diane, la cane
  10. Johanna, l'impala