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Language of Folk 1: Elementary to Intermediate (Voice(s)/Accompaniment)


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The Language of Folk offers a wealth of folk repertoire from around the British Isles and further afield, carefully selected and arranged to develop the key skills and vocal styles integral to folk song. Produced in association with The Sage Gateshead and its nationally renowned folk music programme, these books provide a wealth of material both for established folk singers and those new to the world of folk.

  • 20 varied folk songs, progressing from beginner level to around grade 4
  • Includes both unaccompanied songs and songs arranged with piano accompaniment
  • Informative contextual notes and practice tips for every song
  • Chord names provided for all songs, offering performers the freedom to add their own accompaniment
  • Helpful introduction to the folk song genre, including a beginner’s guide to ornamentation
  • CD with authentic performances of every song by young folk singers, along with backing tracks for the accompanied pieces
  • Complete lyric sheets available as PDFs to print on the CD
  • All unaccompanied songs feature on the current Trinity singing syllabus (‘Technical Work’ section)

Publisher: Faber Music

ISBN: 0571537324

Item Code: 0571537324

EAN: 9780571537327

Price: £9.99
Availability:217 in stock

Genre(s): Folk

Product Language: English

Territories: Item available Worldwide

Grade(s): Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3, Grade 4

Included Media: 1CD

  • Voice
  1. Unaccompanied: Three Jolly Fishermen
  2. Chiall Mo Lámh A Lùths (My Hand Has Lost Its Power)
  3. Ally Bally Bee (Coulter’s Candy)
  4. Nelson’s Blood (Roll The Old Chariot Along)
  5. My Bonny Lad
  6. The Handloom Weaver’s Lament
  7. Banks Of The Nile
  8. Mow Me Down My Meadow
  9. The Great Silkie
  10. The Four Loom Weaver. Accompanied: The Big Ship Sails
  11. I’m Bound Away
  12. Hey Diddle, Diddle
  13. Johnnie’s Lost His Marble
  14. Hard Times Of Old England
  15. Awake, Awake
  16. The Hills Of Donegal
  17. The Blacksmith
  18. So Here’s To You
  19. Daleman’s Litany
  • Three Jolly Fishermen.mp3

  • My Bonny Lad.mp3

  • Johnnie's Lost His Marble.mp3

It is good that the introduction and notes recognise some inherent difficulties in notating folk songs, unaccompanied singing, ornamentation, embellishment of the vocal line and the importance of speech rhythms and respect for dialect words in making credible performances. The book tweaks the terms most frequently used in classical music for ornaments, using ‘flick’ for ‘mordent’ and ‘roll’ for ‘turn’ for example and this is refreshing.

English Dance & Song Magazine, Autumn 2013

For those like me who come from a very ‘classical’ background, these books are an excellent eye-opener in to the vibrant world of the folk-singer. …..thanks are due to Kathryn Davidson and the Sage for devising the learning programme that has given rise to such inspiring and enlightening books. In my opinion they should definitely be in the library of every singing teacher. And not just to provide new repertoire for the ABRSM folk-song requirements!

Singing Magazine (AOTOS), Spring 2013