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Going Pro Logic 8

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Logic Pro is arguably the number one digital audio workstation among professional musicians and composers, at home in both professional and project studios worldwide. Going Pro with Logic Pro 8 is an expert level book that addresses the needs of the professional Logic user. The book picks up where the manual leaves off, guiding you from customizing setups of Logic Pro 8 for workflow enhancement, through the recording and editing processes, to preparing final delivery media, dropping power-user tips and tricks throughout the process. Topics covered include building custom mixers; designing templates; organizing your sound palette; dealing with third-party software, applications, and hardware, such as UAD cards and the Akai MPC3000; mixing tips; mastering tips; and much more.

Publisher: Alfred USA

ISBN: 1598635611

Item Code: 1598635611

Access Code: 54/1598635611

EAN: 9781598635614

Price: £24.95
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Product Language: English

Difficulty Level: Intermediate