Terms & Conditions

Order placed using FM Dealers are subject to your standard terms of trade with Faber Music Distribution. If you are unfamiliar with these terms and need to see them, please contact the sales department on +44 (0)1279 828989 or email trade@fabermusic.com.

We have tried to make it as easy as possible for you to order on FM Dealers. The description against each entry enables you to select the titles of your choice. The price of each item is indicated in your specific currency. You may also choose to order via CSV upload or by our quick order input.

Delivery is made by Faber Music’s nominated carrier and our policy is to send your order in the quickest and most economical way. Carriage charges are payable by the customer and the method of delivery is dependent on that held in our SOP system. If your order needs to be sent via a different method, or by using a different carrier, you must advise the sales department at trade@fabermusic.com or telephone on +44 (0)1279 828989. Once we have verified that method, it will appear against your account for future use.

Any claim for credit or replacement stock, in respect of delivery of goods, shall be considered only if such a claim relates to shortage, damage or defect in quality or condition. Any claim should be made in writing within 7 (seven) days of receipt of order.

Sheet Music Downloads

Due to the licensing agreements in place with the rights holders, Faber Music applies different terms of trade on sheet music downloads. Each sheet music download will be invoiced at the retail price, less 25% commission, as shown on this website. An email receipt will be issued for each digital print.

Sheet music downloads are not processed on the same system as physical items, so in order to keep paperwork to a minimum, Faber will issue an invoice for all sheet music downloads on a weekly basis. Each invoice will indicate the items printed in the 7 (seven) days prior to the invoice date. Invoices for sheet music downloads are payable within 28 days of the date of invoice.

Payment Terms

Payment for goods supplied must reach Faber Music Distribution, in cleared funds, by the date specified on your printed invoice received with the goods. Payment by credit card is possible on this site by selecting the orders listed in Recent Orders and paying the appropriate fee by credit card. Credit Card payments may be subject to a surcharge of 2% of total invoice value.

Payment not received by the due date will render the account stopped. Any overdue amount remaining unpaid may be subject to a charge of 2% per annum above base rate, as set by our bankers, National Westminster Bank. We accept our own bank's charges for the processing of remittances but we do not accept charges levied by our customer’s own bank. Payment can be made direct to Faber Music Distribution’s bankers:

National Westminster Bank plc

PO Box 83

Tavistock House

Tavistock Square

London WC1H 9XA

Sort code: 60-80-07


Sterling Account Number: 79477526. IBAN No. GB84NWBK60800779477526

Euro Account Number: 550/00/08526036. IBAN No. GB94NWBK60721408526036

Payment can also be made by cheque drawn on a UK bank account and sent to Accounts Department, Faber Music Ltd, Burnt Mill, Elizabeth Way, Harlow, Essex CM20 2HX. Other forms of payment are not acceptable and any negotiation fees and costs incurred in processing non-standard remittances will be charged to the customer.


Goods are sold on a firm order basis. No return of goods will be accepted without a Returns Authorisation. Authorisation must be sought from the Sales Department prior to despatch. Any unauthorised returns will be sent back to the customer and postage charged. The Sales Department can be emailed on trade@fabermusic.com.

Retention of Title

Title to and property in all goods shall remain vested in Faber Music (notwithstanding their delivery and the passing of risk therein to the Customer) until the price of the goods and their delivery has been paid, discharged or satisfied in full. Until title to the goods passes to the Customer, Faber Music may at anytime without prior notice repossess the goods if any of the events specified occurs: the sum due from the Customer is not paid by the due date; the Customer declares that trading has ceased or is about to or will cease; the Customer enters into any form of compromise agreement with one or more creditors; any type of insolvency administrator is appointed to the Customer’s business. For the purpose of exercising the right of repossession Faber Music, its employees or agents together with any vehicles considered by Faber Music to be necessary shall be entitled at any time without prior notice safe and unrestricted access to the Customer’s premises and/or any other locations where the goods are situated. The Customer shall store the goods in a proper manner and conditions which adequately protect and preserve them without charge to Faber Music. The right and remedies conferred on Faber Music by this clause are in addition to and shall not in any way prejudice, limit or restrict any other rights and remedies of Faber Music under the terms and supply of goods.

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