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Clarinet Basics Pupil's book (with CD) (Instrumental Solo/Score)

Paul Harris

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Paul Harris’s Basics Series is widely regarded as the leading method for beginner players and their teachers.

This edition of Clarinet Basics Pupil’s book (with CD) offers a fresh design, clear technical drawings, fun illustrations, new activities, pull-out fingering chart and of course all of the great tunes featured in the original Clarinet Basics. Starting at absolute beginner level and progressing to about Grade 2, it contains:

  • warm ups and fun original exercises
  • invaluable fact files, quizzes and technical advice covering notation, general musicianship and care   of the instrument
  • helpful fingering diagrams and rhythm boxes
  • pull-out fingering chart to pin on your wall
  • CD containing piano and clarinet accompaniments to play along with.

Publisher: Faber Music

ISBN: 0571522823

Item Code: 0571522823

EAN: 9780571522828

Price: £9.99
Availability:2361 in stock

Genre(s): Educational

Product Language: English

Territories: Item available Worldwide

Difficulty Level: Beginner

Grade(s): Pre-Grade 1, Grade 1, Grade 2

Included Media: 1CD

Series: Basics Series

Exam Board: Trinity Guildhall

Score/Parts: Score

  • Clarinet
  1. Stage 1: Going Down! Further Down!: Going Up! Top Floor!: Saucer
  2. Rainbow
  3. Stage 2: March Of The Clarinet Teachers
  4. Dinner Time Dance
  5. Circus Polka
  6. Mango Tango
  7. Merrily We Roll Over On The Lotter
  8. Stage 3: Fast-Food Rag
  9. The Bells
  10. Smooth Mover
  11. Sword Dance (Arbeau)
  12. The Sun Shines Hot
  13. Stage 4: Cartoon Tune! Sweet And Sour Chicken
  14. Ode To Joy (Beethoven)
  15. Good King Wenceslas
  16. Stage 5: Spooks
  17. Minty March
  18. Bubblegum
  19. Oteng ‘Teng’
  20. When The Saints Go Marching In
  21. Stage 6: Swaying In The Breeze
  22. Skip To M’lou
  23. The Birch Tree
  24. Renaissance Dance (Susato)
  25. Stage 7: Dance Of The Broken Clarinet Reeds
  26. Licorice Waltz
  27. Mozart: Twinkle, Twinkle, Satellite Dish
  28. Jasmine Flowers
  29. Pop Goes The Weasel
  30. Stage 8: Babbling Brook
  31. Haunted House
  32. Gibbons: The Woods So Wilde
  33. Judge’s Dance
  34. Chiapenecas
  35. Stage 9: Steam Train
  36. March Of The Guinea Pigs
  37. Daisy, Daisy
  38. Swanee River
  39. Stage 10: Funky Footsteps
  40. Sonata In F
  41. Camptown Races (Foster)
  42. Happy Birthday
  43. Stage 11: Rock Solid
  44. The Floral Dance
  45. Fight The God Fight
  46. Quelle Est Cette Odeur Agreeable
  47. Stage 12: Dinosaur Park
  48. Things That Go Bump In The Night
  49. Poor Wayfaring Stranger
  50. Minuet (Bach) Stage 13: Monday Morning
  51. Friday Night!
  52. Aura Lee
  53. Frankie And Johnny
  54. Stage 14: Suspense Movie
  55. Sarabande
  56. Down Memory Lane
  57. Winter
  58. Stage 15: Kangaroo Waltz
  59. Tiger Tango
  60. A Nordic Tale
  61. Mountain Stream
  62. March
  63. Stage 16: Take A Break
  64. Break Up
  65. Break Down
  66. Break Even
  67. Yankee Doodle
  68. Sweet Betsy From Pike
  69. Stage 17: Coffee Beans
  70. Round Dance
  71. Theme From Eastenders
  72. Waltz (Britten)
  73. Stage 18: Tongue Tango
  74. Rush Hour
  75. Scarborough Fair
  76. Stage 19: Happy Music
  77. King Richard’s Pavane
  78. TV Movie
  79. The English National Anthem
  80. Twilight
  81. Stage 20: The Can-Can (Offenbach)
  82. Canon Can-Can
  83. Theme From The Archers (Wood)
  84. Stage 21: Hit The Roof!
  85. Amsterdam
  86. Affair In Manhattan
  87. Greensleeves
  88. Be Flat Cha-Cha-Cha
  89. Dark Bluesy
  90. Bilk: Stranger On The Shore
  • March Of The Clarinet Teachers.mp3

  • Theme From Eastenders.mp3

  • Twinkle Twinkle Satellite Dish.mp3

I have used this book for many years and always found it excellent. It combines warm ups, technical exercises and musical literacy in an accessible way, and I have yet to find it bettered by any other tutor book.
Andrew Mason, Music Teacher Magazine, February 2014

This is definitely the book I will be using in future for beginners .... the method provides the most solid foundation imaginable for further progress.