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Bags Of Tunes for Violin (Instrumental Solo)

Mary Cohen

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Accompaniment: Unaccompanied

Bags of Tunes for Violin is packed with material on styles children will love including nursery rhymes, rounds, folk and popular songs as well as plenty of original pieces. The pieces are gently progressive and are all based around the first finger pattern. They are ideal for consolidation work, for using alongside any method or tutor and are enjoyable sight-reading practice.

Irresistable new tunes for beginner violinists, composed and arranged by one of the UK's leading string teachers and authors, Mary Cohen, creator of a wide range of imaginative teaching publications.

Publisher: Faber Music

ISBN: 0571531121

Item Code: 0571531121

EAN: 9780571531127

Price: £4.99
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Genre(s): Educational

Product Language: English

Territories: Item available Worldwide

Difficulty Level: Beginner

Series: Bags of

  • Violin
  1. Yan, Tan, Thethera, Methera, Pip!
  2. Rain, Rain, Go Away!
  3. Easy Peasy, Lemon Squeezy
  4. Pease Pudding Hot, Pease Pudding Cold
  5. Hot Cross Buns
  6. Kicking Cans Along The Street
  7. Apple Papple
  8. Extra, Extra, Extra Special!
  9. Stepping Stones Across The Brook
  10. Zachery And Zebedee
  11. Let's Run Over The Little Stone Bridge!
  12. Toc Tac Toe
  13. Little Snail
  14. Ponies Trotting
  15. Seven Hairy Caterpillars
  16. The Drunken Sailor
  17. The Runaway Hen
  18. Dinner's Ready!
  19. Tails Up!
  20. Clap Your Hands
  21. Have You Heard?
  22. Zum, Zum, Zum
  23. Summer Goodbye!
  24. Can You Sing This Song?
  25. Pop Goes The Weasel
  26. Hop-A-Doodle
  27. Shepherd's Hey
  28. Our Mother's A-Weaving
  29. Apples And Pears
  30. I Had A Cat
  31. Silvery Water Moon
  32. The Stream That Joins The Moldau
  33. The Nightingale
  34. London Bridge
  35. The Bells Of St. Paul's Steeple
  36. In Holland Stands A House
  37. London's Burning!
  38. Fair Katya
  39. Frere Jacques
  40. Three Fine Geese
  41. Summer Is A-Coming In
  42. Henry Baggins' Best Suit

A collection of well-known tunes, folk music and original pieces for the beginner violinist. Laid out with clarity, these very simple pieces consolidate basic finger patterns with lots of variety. They make good sight-reading practice and a great addition alongside a tutor. A variety of European tunes adds to its flavour – the Swedish ‘Little snail’ and Serbian ‘Clap your hands’ for instance. Lots of quavers from the start provide excellent bowing practice and a sense of energy.

Music Teacher Magazine, October 2009

Bags of Tunes has 42 pieces of which 12 are by Cohen, three are popular rounds and the remainder traditional (British and Continental) melodies. Only the last few pieces use more than two strings.

The feature of both books is the clean musical line. Although Mary Cohen indicates mood of the piece or song, she refrains from putting in expression marks or decorations, e.g. flower illustrations, In this way the music has more impact.

European String Teachers Association, Autumn 2008

This is a lovely collection of easy, unaccompanied tunes for beginners, arranged and composed by Mary Cohen, one of Britain’s leading string teachers. There is a mixture of nursery rhymes such as Pease Pudding Hot, folk songs like The Drunken Sailor, rounds such as Frére Jacques and original compositions.

All the tunes are in easy keys, with a stretched second finger and in a variety of time signatures, including 6/8. The pieces get progressively harder throughout the book, up to about grade 1 standard. The tunes are well laid out and easy to read, with many of the early pieces only one or two line long. All bowing and dynamics have been left to the discretion of the teacher and pupil.

This book would make excellent supplementary material to a tutor book and good sight-reading practice.

Ensemble Magazine, September 2008